Release Notes 45.0

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Virtual Events Including virtual meeting links in calendar integration By popular demand, we've incorporated virtual meeting details into the calendaring integration on the Your Schedule page. For events which are defaulted to the Zoom/Bluejeans desktop environment, this will be the direct meeting link. For events which are defaulted to the embedded meeting environment, this link will prompt the user to log in to MeetMax and then take them directly to the embedded meeting page upon successful login. Looking forward to hybrid events: if both a physical and virtual location are assigned to a meeting, the physical location will be displayed in the event location field while the virtual meeting link will be displayed in the calendar event description. Find out more by visiting our knowledge base article on the topic.
Virtual Events All-Day Zoom Meetings for Companies For any event using Zoom as the meeting platform, some or all companies can be marked to use "all-day meetings" (a field on the Contact form). For those companies - all of their meetings be have the same meeting ID, and the company can remain in place the entie day. Please note: while this feature has been much-requested by Clients as a way to enable easier use of conference room systems, and to allow a large gorup of Reps to engage, it needs to be used in conjunction with one of a range of meeting Concierge services offered by MeetMax, in order to manage the turnarounds between meetings.
Virtual Events Waiting Room and Registration optons in Zoom Meetings for 1x1s Most events using Zoom for 1x1s are run in a "DIY" mode with perhaps a general Chat level Concierge service from MeetMax. Without Waiting Room or Zoom Registration. These new options allow for additional options for "gate-keeping" meetings and for tracking attendance in meetings. To stay as is - continue to select No to Waiting Room and "None" for registration when assigning meetings to Zoom. With Registration meetings - MeetMax automatically pre-registers on Zoom each person assigned to a meeting, and gives them a personal link on their Schedule. Plus, lower visibility for the meeting id and phone numbers as a way to skip the control. This offers tighter gate-keeping and automatic attendance tracking. Waiting Room offers a way to run All-Day meetings with a gatekeeping model that is a lower cost alternative to Breakout Rooms - whcih is still offered as a Concierge model. They can be sed together, or separately - but Waiting Room should only be used with All-Day Meetings.
Virtual Events 1x1 Meetings Control Room Dashboard / New Meetings Concierge options Behind the scenes to the new All-Day/Waiting Room/Registration option in MeetMax - we have built out a sophisticated Meetings Dashboard Tool that allows for Control Room style oversight of a Meetings Program on Zoom. Pushing Zoom websockets and API controls to their limits, it allows our Concierge Service to offer a more complete range of oversight and control services for your Meetings Program. While this Control Room is for our Concierge Team - we will be happy to show any interested Client around. And we will be happy to outline the new choices you have for how to run a program with All-Day Meetings, Gatekeeping, Attendance Tracking, Help and more. .
Presentations Assigning Presentation Moderator(s) A frequent request over the past year of virtual events has been the ability to indicate and label a Moderator(s) for Presentations in MeetMax. When assigning Presenters to a Presentation you will now see a checkbox to the left of their name to indicate moderator status. This will be displayed within the context of seeing the presentation on their own schedule as well as when the presentation is viewed on other attendee schedules. Additionally, the moderator will be displayed in the list of presenters and can be labeled as well as broken out to be displayed separately from the other presenters (all of this is configured in the presentation grid settings on the admin side).
Event Creation Save The Date calendar widget This new feature establishes support for an event-level Add to Calendar widget which can be implemented as a drop-down button, a row of separate calendar icons, or even just a direct link to an event-level iCal file. The basic details of Event Name and Date(s) are included with links to the five major calendaring services. Find out more by visiting our knowledge base article on the topic.
Meetings Introducing Meeting Keywords Event hosts can now create Meeting Keywords (e.g. - "Banking", "Internal", "Large Group") and attribute those to individual meetings. These keywords, unlike the Meeting Note field, allow for more consistent and constrained input of this meeting attribute and will be included in both front-end reporting as well as the meetings/active API service. Additionally, the Meeting Keyword field can now be used as an exception to the "Hide 'Other' Attendees" setting on the meeting schedule. For example, consider a scenario where you typically display other meeting attendees on schedules but are hosting a large group meeting where you don't want to show every attendee name.
UI/UX Improvements Nested menu items With end-users spending more time than ever in MeetMax as a front-end for virtual events, menu navigation lists have become noticeably longer. This new feature allows event hosts to use the menu editor (Attendee, Company, Public) to create a new "menu container" which can contain nested drop-down menu items. Find out more by visiting our knowledge base article on the topic.
Virtual Events Bluejeans meetings now require passcodes Bluejeans is now requiring the use of passcodes in order for attendees to access meetings. This will largely go unnoticed by end-users who are connecting via the Bluejeans app or the embedded meetings via MeetMax because we simply are adding another parameter to the meeting link which they are clicking. However, the attendees who are connecting by telephone without the aid of the "Call-Me" feature, or connecting via a SIP/h.323 room system, will need to reference and input this additional passcode when using that connection method.
Reporting Webcast video log spreadsheet report update This is a small update which typically might not be included in our release notes, but was requested by a number of clients over the past several months. Simply put: the email address is now added as a column to aggregated webcast video log spreadsheet report, as well as the corresponding API service which reads this data.