Release Notes 44.0

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Presentations Live Webinars embedded in MeetMax This release features a powerful new way of consuming live webinar content. This new page will automatically begin playing live webinars to people who land there, providing a more attention-grabbing user experience and encouraging users to spend more time in your virtual events. When there are multiple tracks, the software will have the option to either choose one randomly or default to a preferred webinar. This preference can either be established by event hosts themselves or by end-users who have added specific webinars to their personalized schedules. In this way, end-users can effectively set up a daily playlist of live content which will continuously roll through each one without any further required interaction.
Presentations Displaying only Future, Upcoming Presentations A new configuration option in the Presentations schedule page which allows event hosts to hide presentations which have concluded by default, but also leaves a checkbox for the end-user to toggle them back on if they want to. This will make for quicker day-of presentation schedule access while also preserving the ability to look back should that be desired.
Messaging Live Broadcast Messages to Attendees We're focused on promoting tools for more immersive and captivating live virtual events, so we've developed a new feature which allows you to target a list of attendees who are currently logged in to a live event and send a broadcast message. Whether it's a keynote speaker at your lunch, the opening remarks from a key stakeholder, or a reminder about the sponsored networking hour - you can make sure that active event attendees get the alert in real-time. This new functionality includes segmented targeting as well as the ability to configure some display options. In addition to plain text, the input field also accepts markdown syntax to allow for additional styling and formatting of larger messages.
Messaging Introducing Real-time Inbox Notifications and New, Unread Inbox Counter The software has long included the ability for end-users to message one another at an event. This upgrade now displays a count of new, unread inbound messages in the account navigation bar. Additionally, event admins can enable real-time inbox notifications to pop up and inform people of new messages in the system. This is in addition to the notification that would have been generated to their real-world email inbox. This also effectively allows users to chat in real-time with one another from within their inbox - and be notified of replies across all pages - should they wish to do so. We envision that this could be a helpful tool for promoting professional networking at virtual events.
3rd Party Integrations New for Salesforce users: Attendee Importing and Updating tool This update represents our most significant upgrade to Salesforce integration in several years. We have implemented the ability to perform a lookup of records in your Salesforce database from the event administrator interface and subsequently add new attendees to MeetMax, as well as match up existing attendees to their Salesforce CRM record for tighter data integration throughout (and especially after) the event.
Presentations Configuring specific Presentations to display on all Schedules By popular client demand, this new feature functionality allows for a Presentation to be universally added to all attendee and company schedules in the system. This may be your keynote session or some other featured webinar content which you would like to force onto everybody's schedules and is similar in function to the Universal Activity feature that many of you have already used.
Presentations Improving the display of Presentation Titles on the Your Schedule page This is a UI improvement related to the display of presentations on the schedule page, both for those who are assigned to present as well as those who have signed up to attend a presentation. Specifically, we've made the display of presentation titles more consistent in the various different configurations of the schedule and also included the Type Label field as a consistent prefix to a presentation (where a Type Label has been provided).
Custom Pages Downloading custom lists to Excel Continuing to build upon our Custom Pages - Custom Lists feature, event hosts can now toggle on the ability to provide an "Excel" download link on your custom pages which have embedded lists on them.
Custom Pages New configuration tools for Custom Lists embedded into Custom Pages This expanded functionality for the Custom Pages - Custom Lists interface allows event hosts to more precisely define which filter fields and categories to offer on custom lists, as well as provides other toggle options for hiding and displaying features like the All Profiles button.
Custom Pages Expanding the Custom Pages feature to support embedded lists of Uploaded Files Many clients already utilize the Documents page, which displays all of the publicly shared files which were uploaded by other event companies/attendees. This new feature adds to our Custom Pages - Custom Lists module by allowing event hosts to create ad-hoc custom lists of uploaded files which are filtered in ways that the original Documents page was not intended for. For example, this feature will allow an event host to take Presentation Slides and separate them from Research Notes and Promotional Materials so that those can be displayed as different pages of listed content.
Custom Pages New Columns and Layout Options for Custom Lists embedded into Custom Pages Even more improvements to the Custom Pages - Custom List, this time we've added the Presentation Start-Time as a column option, as well as a listing of registered company reps for each company. Building on that, we've added a new type of Custom List for Company Reps which allows us to include columns related to the Parent Company in the custom list page.
Profiles Expanded support for dynamic Profile content This new feature functionality formalizes support for configuring three new sections on the Company and Attendee Profiles. We've had these included for many events in the past but doing so required customization and wasn't something that could be controlled by event hosts. Now admins will be able to toggle on sections for Presentation(s), Company Rep(s), and Uploaded File(s) that are associated with the Attendee or Company whose profile is being viewed.
UI/UX Improvements Highlighting End-User Messaging A small but important new configuration option which allows event hosts to separate out the Message action into its own column in the table view, or action link in the tile view, on the meeting requests and custom list pages. Previously, this ability may have been somewhat obscured underneath a drop-down of available actions and this feature allows it to be broken out for greater visibility.
Webinars Additional configuration options for Webinar access control Two new access controls which can be applied at the role level and individual attendee/company level, as well as an override to one of those restrictions at the Presentation level. Event hosts can now restrict users from being able to "View" webcasts, or only restrict them from being able to participate in "Q&A" for webcasts. This can be set at the role level or the individual level, and the "View" restriction can be globally overridden for specific presentations should you wish to have them be visible to all event participants (e.g. a keynote session). The use case which spawned this feature centered around limiting access to certain presentations for event participants who were registered as being with the news media.
Meetings Copying Meeting Requests Between Colleagues Fred from Fidelity registered right away to attend your event, he made 38 meeting requests and has since had 12 of them added to his schedule. Now, Jane from Fidelity registers a few weeks out and you want to evaluate her requests in light of those of her colleagues. This is the real world scenario we had in mind when building out this new feature which allows event hosts to copy and/or transfer any number of requests between colleagues. No more adding 38 requests manually for Jane, before scheduling you can copy over all or only some of the requests from Fred.
Reporting Adding a Custom Report interface for Transactions list For events with registration and payment processing, the Transactions list now has the ability to configure the columns being displayed as well as save the column and filter selections into Custom Reports (just like on most other list interfaces in the system).
Event Creation Changes to client-level and event-specific logos This is a minor, quality-of-life improvement which should make it far easier to ensure your newly created events are set up consistently. Moving forward, events will now always begin their life with the client-level "Company Logo" displayed, rather than the default MeetMax logo. Additionally, event hosts will be able to set an event-specific logo for each event in the system (though these will not copy over, even when copying from a previous event as a template). The starting point will always be your defined, client-level Company Logo.
System Infrastructure Improving system accessibility under high traffic volume This system infrastructure update implements a 1-minute cache for pre-login Public site pages in MeetMax events. The purpose behind this is to improve system stability and access during high-traffic periods with minimal downside for event hosts or site visitors. Event admins will notice a 1-minute delay between making changes to content on public-facing pages and seeing those updates reflected in their web browser.
Reporting Track column added to Presenters list Only being mentioned here because it is a frequent request: we've added the Track column to the fields available in the Presenters list within the admin login.
Reporting New Company Rep Count Column for Company List This feature update simply includes a new column which can be added to the Company List page for admin users, providing a basic count of the registered company reps associated with that company.
Reporting New Sub-Events Filter for Company List Another small feature update, but with important implications for clients who utilize the Sub-Events feature. We've added the ability to filter by sub-events on the Company List interface.
Reporting New Filter for CRM ID on Invitee List Several clients requested that we include the CRM ID filter on the Invitee List interface in order to more easily facilitate cross-checking against records in their CRM (e.g. Salesforce).
MeetMax API New field for attendee/list service For the clients leveraging our API services, we've added the Client Rep Group (bank_rep_group) field to the attendee/list service.
Presentations New error-checking field for Presentations list The Presentations List interface now provides the ability to include a column for the Webcast Title. This allows for easier error-checking comparison to ensure that the correct webinar link is assigned to each presentation.
Registration Bulk importing sub-events A perennial request since the sub-events feature was implemented a few years ago, we've now incorporated the ability to include sub-events values on your company or attendee list imports, as well as given the ability for the Technical Services & Support team to edit this field via our bulk import-update tool for existing records.