Release Notes 43.0

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Virtual Events Introducing Zoom Integration in MeetMax This release includes deployment of our initial integration with Zoom for meetings hosted in MeetMax. It is structured and implemented in almost entirely the same way that our BlueJeans integration works, with a few of the more advanced BlueJeans integration features still being worked on for Zoom (to be included in future releases). Contact MeetMax Sales for additional information on pricing and a demo!
Presentations Presentation Schedule Page Upgrades and Optimization Many of these improvements formalize and stabilize various custom layouts that we've been developing for clients in recent months. Specifically, admin users can now self-indicate a preference for a "Grid" or "Single-Column" view as well as choose to show a presentation description, link to company profiles, display presenter names/headshots, and the ability to indicate a "Type Label", which will be shown in various places. Under the hood this has come with significant performance optimizations, which speed up loading this page when accessing large-scale data sets.
Reporting More advanced login tracking Prior to this release, admin users could filter the attendee lists based on the "Last Login" date of an attendee. This new feature adds more robust tracking of previous logins - as well as a note filter for querying logins "on" a specific date - so that event hosts can accurately identify user login engagement for each day of the event.
Virtual Events Upcoming Meeting Alerts in BlueJeans (Embedded Meetings) "Within an embedded, browser-based environment, we have many more tools at our disposal to develop features "on top of" the in-meeting interface. We've leveraged this to create on-screen notifications informing users in their "current meeting" (as well as on the "Your Schedule" page) that their next meeting is coming up soon. This is also utilized to inform somebody of when the "current meeting" is about to begin - when they've shown up early. As well, a link on the embedded meeting page allows them to click straight through to their next meeting and counts down the time, without having to return to their schedule. This link persists even when they are late for their next meeting.

Additionally, we've added some functionality so that - if a user clicks on an expired or future meeting (rather than the "current meeting" or "immediately upcoming" meeting) - an alert will be displayed to take them to the meeting they should be in "right now" (or "shortly"). We intend to expand this feature functionality to our Zoom integration in an upcoming release."
Virtual Events Automated "Meeting Almost Over" Audio Notifications for BlueJeans Meetings For events with BlueJeans enabled, Technical Services & Support staff can enable this feature by setting the number of minutes prior to the conclusion of each meeting that the announcement should be made. This will generate an audio alert to indicate the meeting is about to conclude and will be audible to all meeting attendees (regardless of connection type).
Virtual Events Automatic BlueJeans/Zoom meetings assignment (Un-Moderated Events, Live-Event Scheduling) This feature can be enabled by the Technical Services & Support team in the back-end event configuration. When enabled, it will push all newly created meetings to BlueJeans automatically - and also maintains their current meeting ID when they are rescheduled. This was built originally with an eye towards fully un-moderated events where end-users confirm their own meetings but could also be helpful for clients who are making a lot of meeting changes immediately before and/or during the event from the admin meeting scheduler interface.
Virtual Events Virtual Meeting Attendance Tracking in BlueJeans (Embedded Meetings) For events with BlueJeans enabled, and specifically in scenarios where meeting participants are accessing a meeting via the embedded web-browser solution, the system will automatically mark these meeting attendees as having "attended" in the participation reporting; as long as they are present in the meeting any point in the scheduled time slot.
Virtual Events Applying Time Zone Adjustments for Blackouts and Availability Pages Expanding upon the well-received "Time Zone Localization" feature from our last release, we've expanded that functionality to the Blackouts and Availability pages in the software. This means that - when enabled - the system will automatically detect the local time zone of the user (based on their web-browser settings) and adjust the time slots shown on these pages accordingly to the "local time zone" of the event.
Virtual Events Joining a BlueJeans Meeting as a Company Rep When logging in at the "company level" in MeetMax, currently the "name" of the specific Company Rep has not been displayed in meetings. With this latest enhancement, the act of joining a meeting from a company level will prompt the end-user to select from one of the currently registered company reps to join the meeting (or click "Other" to enter a different name).
Virtual Events Filters and Columns on Meeting List for Virtual Services - Hybrid events We've added some new columns and filters to the Meetings List interface options, which can be added to show - or query by - additional details related to the virtual service(s) being used in the event. This can be used for hybrid events where multiple meeting modes are used.
Virtual Events Expanding CallMe Feature to End-User Interface (BlueJeans Only) This feature upgrade allows us to enable the CallMe feature so that end-users can initiate a call to themselves in order to access an audio meeting connection. Currently, this feature is limited to BlueJeans though we intend to expand it to Zoom in future releases.
Virtual Events Expanding CallMe Services Internationally for BlueJeans This is a rather straightforward upgrade that expands the list of countries available for use with our "CallMe" and "TextMe" features in BlueJeans. Please contact MeetMax Sales for the full listing!
Virtual Events Virtual Meeting Attendance Tracking in BlueJeans (CallMe Integration) For events with BlueJeans enabled, if the CallMe feature is used to help an attendee join a meeting, this will open a dialog which displays the connection status of the current "CallMe" recipient for the admin user, and then also mark that attendee off as "Attended" in the Meeting List interface and associated reporting.
Presentations Displaying webinar links on Your Schedule This new feature displays the link to join a webinar on the schedules of attendees who have signed up to attend that presentation.
Presentations Search presentations across days The search feature has been expanded from the "mobile" view to also be functional in the "grid" (desktop) view and also extends that search to be functional across days.
Presentations Admin toggle for show/hide webinar buttons This new feature allows the admin user to show or hide the "Webinar" buttons/link on the Presentation Schedule page. Lets them sync with WSW early - but hide the Button from Attendees.
Presentations Search for Companies or Attendees by Presentation Date Historically, admin users have been able to filter the companies or attendees list interfaces by "With Presentation". This new upgrade allows you to further drill down to filter by companies or people who are assigned to specific presentations as well as which presenters are assigned on a given date. Additionally, you can now filter to companies "Without Presentation" (not previously available).
Presentations Additional Columns on Admin-view Presenters List In the admin view of the "Presenters" list page three new columns are available to be included in the page view and .xls download. By request, we've added the "Contact Notes", "Room Details", and "Webcast" (url/ticker) fields here.
Presentations Additional Column on Admin-view Presentation Attendees List In the admin view of the "Presentations" --> "Attendees" list we have added the ability to call in a column for the "Note" field. This is the note that attendees (or admin users) can set after signing up to attend a presentation.
Presentations Adding columns and filters to the Admin-view Presenters list This feature upgrade adds columns and filters to the Presenters list interface (admin view), which are related to the Presentation itself (e.g. - title, type, etc.)
Meetings Improvements to the conflict management indicators Event hosts can configure conflict management to prevent them from scheduling meetings when it would create a conflict with other scheduled engagements such as attending a presentation, being assigned to present, or signing up for a registered activity (e.g. educational workshop). Previously, when this was enabled, all conflicts would be shown as a "Blackout" in the "View Availability" dialog on the Meeting Times scheduler interface, as well as in the "Availability" section on the Your Schedule page. In this latest release, the blackout times will be separately indicated as such, while all other conflicts will be labeled as "Session" to indicate that it's one of those three other items that are causing the conflict, though the presentation time(s) for a presenter are also still listed in that "View Availability" dialog as well.
Meetings More intuitive scheduling for multiple diaries This upgrade builds upon our feature, which allows a company to have multiple "diaries" (multiple meetings in a single time slot). Specifically, it is now easier and more intuitive to add a second meeting into an existing meeting slot from the Meeting Times scheduler interface.
Meetings Improvements to the "Meeting Updated" field This feature improvement adds a new filter to the Meetings List interface, which allows you to search for meetings that were updated before or after a certain point in time. Historically, admin users had access to filter by the Created date but not Updated. Additionally, this enhancement fixes several "loophole" scenarios that were previously not triggering a new Updated date/timestamp. Thus meeting Updated field is now a reliable indicator that something changed (time, people, location)
Meetings Improvements to the Request Qualifiers behaviorUtilizing the Request Qualifiers feature in MeetMax allows event participants to indicate which types of other users they would like to receive requests from. Historically this would only allow these people to be shown as "Not Available to Meet" but not removed from the list. This upgrade ties this behavior to the same setting as the behavior for the "Receive Requests" field being set to "No". This is configured in the "Meeting Settings" interface.
Meetings Improvements to the Meeting Change email notifications (Adding a "Meeting For" Label) This update improves the meeting change notifications (e.g. - cancelation, addition, reschedule) so that it includes a line to indicate who the meeting change is specifically related to. This is intended to help third parties to the meeting change notification like a Sales Rep or other coverage who is receiving it but not previously sure which meeting this was referring to.
Meetings Improvements to the Meeting Change email notifications (Adding an "Event Name" Label) This update improves the meeting change notifications (e.g. - cancelation, addition, reschedule) so that it includes a line to indicate which event the meeting is connected to. This is intended to help clarify things for event participants who are joining multiple events across different clients (or many events with a single client) in a time frame, which might otherwise lead to uncertainty as to which event the notification is connected to.
MeetMax API Date/time formatting in services API Previously, the MeetMax services API would refer to the date/time formatting as established under the "Main Details" configuration for the event. This has led to some confusion for clients who have many events that utilize different date/time formatting. We have decided to standardize the service output so that it is always formatted as US date-time formatting.
MeetMax API meetings/active service upgrade This enhancement adds the "attended" attribute to the meeting attendee record which is output from the meetings/active service via our API
UI/UX Improvements Column Sorting for Custom Fields When you add a custom field to the attendee or company lists, meeting requests list interface, or a custom page with a custom list embed - the table is now sortable on columns which are based on custom fields. This long-time request from clients has been implemented alongside necessary database efficiency improvements for custom field searches.
Custom Pages Additional Columns for Custom Page - Custom Lists For our Custom Page feature, which allows you to embed a Custom List of attendees/companies, we've added more available columns to be displayed.
MeetMax Mobile Dynamic login credential configuration for mobile app When our new Confirmation Code login method was first deployed, we were only able to hard-code this setting configuration in the mobile app (usernames vs. confirmation codes). This new upgrade allows the mobile app to receive this setting dynamically and be driven by the event setting in MeetMax instead of a back-end coding update (requiring re-submission to the app stores). This also means that different events for the same client can be accessed with different login configuration under the same multi-event mobile app.

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