Release Notes 42.0

Category Title Detail
Meetings Tools for Managing Live BlueJeans Meetings This new set of features allows event hosts to more easily find and act on BlueJeans meetings which may be missing meeting participants, including the ability to text or call meeting participants from within the software. Admins can send a text message to no-shows, or even initiate a "Call Me" that joins them right into the meeting. More filtering to find meetings with no one there.
Reporting Basic Meeting Attendance Reporting for BlueJeans Expanding upon our integration with BlueJeans, we've built a new tool which will allow event hosts to import the endpoint connection details into MeetMax in order to better track participation in meetings with integrated reporting.
Meetings Embedded Bluejeans Meetings in MeetMax A frequent request from event hosts has been the ability to exert more control over the design and branding of the web-conferencing interface for BlueJeans. This new feature allows us to configure events so that, when clicking a virtual meeting link, the system will open these meetings in a MeetMax page where the BlueJeans meeting is embedded, thus allowing us to customize the "meeting room" with branding, and provides an easier landing for the Attendee with fewer choices (does not offer them to install the stand-alone app). This also controls the "name" with which they join the meeting for more exact Attendance tracking.
3rd Party Integrations Support for Hybrid Virtual Meetings Solutions This new feature allows event hosts to use a mixture of different virtual meetings solutions within the same event, including our built-in BlueJeans and OneCall integrations. In addition to addressing the challenge of having certain participants who may not be able to use certain web-conferencing solutions, this is intended to begin addressing some of the challenges which we envision arising as we move towards hybrid virtual events which take place both virtually and in-person. It also addresses meeting slots that use a Webinar format instead of a Web Meeting format because of size.
Webinars Access Control for Wall Street Webcasting (WSW) Webinars This enhancement has made the authentication process "silent" so that end-users who click on a webinar link will no longer need to visit a registration form on their initial visit. With the addition of this new authentication option our colleagues at WSW now also have the ability to make webinar links for an event "closed" so they cannot be forwarded by webinar attendees. This will require a User be registered and logged into MeetMax in order to access the webinar. If they copy and share the link outside of MeetMax, it will not work.
Webinars Integrated Attendance Tracking for Wall Street Webcasting (WSW) Webinars We've introduced a feature which tracks click-throughs from MeetMax to webinar presentations and developed webinar participation reporting for event hosts to track attendance. Admins can see how many Attendees click on each Webinar, and who they are. The attendance tracking data stored in this manner will also be available via a new read service deployed for our API users.
UI/UX Improvements End-User Time Zone Management for Meetings and Presentations Once enabled this new feature will automatically display times on the presentations list and personalized schedule pages adjusted to the local time zone detected in the attendee's web browser. Additionally, users will be able to use a drop-down selector to view these pages with times adjusted to any other time zone they may be interested in.
Webinars Importing Wall Street Webcasting (WSW) Webinar Links Event hosts will now be able to run an automation process to import webinar links from WSW to MeetMax and automatically assign them to presentations. This match takes place based on ticker assignment, but also allows for a manual allocation process for scenarios where ticker matching cannot be relied upon (e.g. panels, private companies, etc.).
Meetings Tools for Managing Live OneCall Meetings Similar to the feature expansion for our BlueJeans integration, we've built new functionality into our OneCall product which allows you to more effectively filter for meetings which are missing attendees - as well as text or call meeting attendees in order to prompt them to join a call.
Reporting Basic Meeting Attendance Reporting for OneCall This is an upgrade to our new OneCall audio-only meetings solution which allows event hosts to import meeting participation data into MeetMax for fully integrated participation reporting.
Meetings Including Meeting ID's in Click-to-Dial Links By popular request from event hosts, we've made a small enhancement which includes the appropriate pause values and meeting ID codes in the hyperlink which attendees can click in order to open the dialer on their mobile devices or computers with soft phones. This will reduce friction for those who choose to connect by telephone to virtual meetings.
UI/UX Improvements More Intuitive Session Logout Behavior Historically, our software has let users simply remain "on the page" without any indication as to when their session has expired. This new feature automatically informs users - after two hours of inactivity - that their session is about to expire and prompts them to renew if they are still using the system. The end result of this is no more of those ugly red "session expired" errors showing up unexpectedly, but rather a more transparent and informative process.
UI/UX Improvements More Visible Meeting Counts Per Time Slot A small update to our existing Time Slots user interface which shows event hosts how many meetings are currently scheduled into each time slot. This is especially helpful for managing the number of rooms you need for an event, whether they be virtual rooms or rooms in the "real world".
Meetings Establishing Maximum Meetings Per Slot for Each Day Historically, event hosts have been able to establish an event-wide number of maximum meetings per time slot. This new feature allows you to set this value on a by-day basis so that you can have different values for each day of an event. The goal of this feature is to give additional control for event hosts who need to carefully manage the total number of simultaneous meetings in each slot to ensure they have appropriate meeting locations available.

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