Release Notes 41.0

Category Title Detail
Registration Company Tracking role for Companies A perennial request from clients, we've implemented a new Company Tracking role in the Client Reps list. This will allow event hosts to have the same functionality as the Sales Rep role, and its association to attendees, but on the company side of things (for example a banker or analyst).
Presentations Room Details and Contact Notes added to Presentations This new feature allows event hosts to enter notes about the presentation room as well as notes about the roles of people participating in the presentation, and then have these fields included on reporting related to presentations.
Presentations Allowing end-users to establish Presentation Notes End-users can now enter notes about presentations into the system and then have those notes be displayed on their schedules. For attendees to write notes to themselves, and for Admins to add Role notes to Bank Moderators (eg Introducer, Note Taker).
Registration Login links to direct post-login landing page Event hosts can now include login links in emails from the system which, upon successful login, will direct users to a specific post-login page (e.g. - schedules, activity sign-up, presentation list). This feature also pre-populates the username field so that users only need enter their confirmation code, which can be included in the body of the email along with the link.
Custom Pages Expanding on Custom Forms feature functionality - easier reporting Following up on our recently released feature to allow for custom forms on custom pages, we have expanded on that functionality to make these forms more easily accessible for editing submissions and reporting on the admin interface.
Reporting A new single-line per-meeting report A new setting in the Meetings List which allows you to output the data in a single row per meeting in Excel. This means that all of the attendees of a given meeting will show up in a single cell rather than on multiple rows.
UI/UX Improvements Page and email content management This update refines the process for setting up and editing Messages which are used to generate page and email content. Additionally, a more centralized method of editing and previewing email message content. It also provides a description of pages to make adding content more intuititve.
Registration Establishing custom Activity Type values Allows event hosts to add new Activity Type options for categorization and makes minor improvements to categorized layout.
Meetings Hover tooltip configuration for calendar view of presentation scheduler This new utility allows you to configure a hover tooltip for companies in the list when scheduling presentations via the calendar view. The goal of this is to allow you to glean quick insights about a company (beyond the company name) in order to make decisions about what time and track in which to schedule each presenter.
UI/UX Improvements Presentations list upgrade to reporting We've implemented configurable columns and saved custom reports for the Presentations/List interface.
MeetMax ScanTracker No-show reporting improvements for MeetMax ScanTracker This is an upgrade to the reporting functionality for our RFID-based MeetMax ScanTracker product, with a specific focus on tracking no-shows in events with pre-authenticated attendee lists.
Presentations Draft status flag for presentations Adds a new categorical attribute which allows event hosts to flag a presentation as "draft" so that you may easily return to them later and update with final details such as time and location.
MeetMax LeadTracking Data provided as part of Leads to Companies/Exhibitors Allows better configuration of the fields made available to Companies/Exhibitors for their Leads list.
MeetMax CheckIn Improved handling of Client Rep field for Checkin Walkins Display Client Rep of a Walkin to Checkin as Name not number.
MeetMax ScanTracker RFID Tracking - Persistant Model This allows ScanTracker RFID to use persistant tracking for presentation and meetings areas. A person entering a zone will be scanned by an overhead scanner, and will be assigned as present for all sessions available to them within that zone, until they are scanned at a Neutral Scanner at the zone exit. Allows for better scanning of back to back activities, and focuses scanner at entrances/exits rather than all-room coverage.

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