Release Notes 40.0

Category Title Detail
Emailing Preview Emails Before Sending Improved user interface and workflow for batch emailing process, providing the ability to preview each email and more transparency into which addresses are about to be sent to.
Registration Simplified End-User Login Option Event hosts can now choose to not make use of end-user account passwords and instead opt to use a confirmation code. Participants will still need to create a username address but their second factor for authentication will be an automatically generated confirmation code instead of a password. Because this confirmation code does not contain any personally identifiable information (PII) and cannot be changed we can expose this to you as event administrators, as well as to the end-user in email communications.
MeetMax Mobile Shortened Event Codes For firms using our MeetMax Mobile universal client container app, we've updated the algorithm which generates event codes. This reduces the number of characters users need to enter on the main screen from 10 to 6.
Custom Pages Introducing Custom Page Forms A frequent request from event hosts is the ability to capture new information following the initial registration form. This might take the form of travel details which aren't known at first, or perhaps an event follow-up survey. With this new feature you can use our existing Custom Pages tool to add a new page to your menu navigation and then also add a custom form to that page with any of your account-level custom fields.
Meeting Automation Automation Tools Job Monitoring Upgrades This new feature empowers event admins with real-time insight into the progress of automation runs, whether you're using our request fill automation or batch meeting pairs tools. As the job is running you can now get status updates at regular intervals which will indicate the number of meetings created. In addition you will be able to easily preview the meetings created in real-time as well as a new ability to cancel a job before it completes if you wish to do so.
Custom Pages Custom List Grouping We have expanded upon our custom lists feature to now include the ability to group by a single value in the list or tile views. For example, you may have a list of companies which should be broken down further based on some data point, perhaps "Sector". This new feature will allow you to configure this grouping for custom lists within the front-end of the software.
Registration Establishing Default Registration Pathways There are two aspects to this new feature: the ability to establish a default registration pathway for the registration buttons throught the site, and the ability to establish a default role for public registration links rather than allowing users to select from all available roles in the event. The first piece of functionality is relevant if you're using an invitee lookup process or a CRM integration lookup process (such as Salesforce).
Event Creation Copying Explicit Settings and Features We've streamlined the options for creating a new event which copies features and settings from a previous template event while also giving event administrators more transparency and granularity in which features or settings are being copied over. Additionally, this new feature will allow you to isolate copying specific features or settings from one event to another. A common example would be the desire to copy just form field settings from one event to another even after the event has been created, reducing the frustration of starting from scratch on a long form which is replicated from a previous event.
MeetMax CheckIn Printing Schedules from Checkin Station This helpful addition to our MeetMax CheckIn tool will allow badge clerks to click a button from within the badging software to print a schedule at our printing kiosks.
Reporting Room Report Upgrades The room reports have been improved to show empty time slots where they had not shown previously and also allow event admins to generate the report for a single day rather than always returning multiple days.

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