Release Notes 39.0

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MeetMax ScanTracker Introducing RFID for MeetMax ScanTracker This is a big, new update to our new MeetMax ScanTracker product. In the first version of this product we focused on the use of scanning QR codes into a mobile app in order to track movement at your events, this new feature rolls out the ability to add an RFID tag to badges and use RFID readers in targeted areas of your event, and even tie these back to specific Presentations within the MeetMax software. Please reach out to for an introductory demonstration.
Emailing Expanded SendGrid Sub-User Integration We've deployed a new tool to assist clients who want to invest in a higher tier of email management. This involves the use of sub-accounts within SendGrid, our sending email server platform. While we already have very high deliverability rates this new add-on feature will help to keep your email from being filtered out as spam on the other end. Contact to find out about pricing and additional details.
3rd Party Integrations Integration with EventBrite registration software For clients who want to leverage the post-registration features of MeetMax but have decided to use EventBrite for the front-end registration step we have built out a new integration which allows event hosts to bulk import existing registrants from an EventBrite event, as well as establish a live integration which picks up new registrants and inserts them into MeetMax.
Information Security New Password Requirements for Admin Users We have incorporated new requirements for admin system users to have a complex password which includes at least one upper case character, one lower case character, and one number. Existing admin users who have passwords which are too weak will be prompted to update their password upon first login following our Sept 2019 release.
Registration New "Terms & Conditions" field A new field type has been developed which allows event hosts to include a PDF or text-based set of terms which they can compel registrants to acknowledge during the registration process. This can be configured similarly to other fields (shown/hidden by role, read-only upon submission, etc.) but has its own set of configuration steps and all terms fields can be reviewed under the 'Uploads' section of the 'Configure' menu.
MeetMax CheckIn New "Checkin Time" Field and Chart Building upon our very successful new MeetMax CheckIn badging product, and based on feedback from the field, we've included a column for tracking the check-in time of event registrants. Additionally, checking somebody in and printing their badge flags them as "attending" in MeetMax and sets this check-in field. This all feeds into a new line chart which can be used to visualize check-in rates by interval (e.g. - by hour) as well as comparison charts to see registration by day.
Registration New "Registration Invite" feature for attendee registration This enhancement provides an equivalent feature to the 'company registration invitation' process but on the 'attendee' side of the software. This coincides with our continued login credential security enhancements and is a very useful tool for event hosts who want to import a list of attendees but have the attendees set their own username and password upon initial system entry.
Registration Adding an "Other" option to a form field For drop-down "select" fields you can now easily establish an "Other" response option. Previously this would have required manually creating a new field and form rule but now can be done by simply clicking a checkbox in the form field configuration dialog.
MeetMax CheckIn New Options for Schedule Formatting This new feature allows us to achieve the same layout benefits of the Institutional or "Group" Schedule page within the context of the Your Schedule interface. In addition to allowing a more robust display of meetings across members of Institutions or Company Groups, it will also have the added benefit of being able to effectively recreate the "Inst. Schedule" format for our schedule printing kiosk.
UI/UX Improvements Multi-track items in Presentations Grid A recurring client request, this new feature allows event hosts to have a presentation item on the presentations grid view which spans across all columns (e.g. - lunch, keynote).
UI/UX Improvements Bulk download of event file uploads Another feature developed by popular demand, this new tool allows event hosts to bulk download a .zip archive file containing the uploaded files from the event. This can be limited to just include certain subsets of uploaded files (e.g. - company presentations) and is stored in a .zip archive which is organized into folders named for each person/company with a file upload. If end-users are permitted to view the list of publicly-shared, uploaded files - then they will also be able to download them all into a single .zip archive.
UI/UX Improvements Admin account password lookup feature Historically, our clients would need to reach out to Technical Services & Support in order to retrieve or reset their passwords. In our continued efforts at improving Information Security and compliance standards, this new feature allows admin system users to execute a "Forgot Password" reset on their admin user password.
Reporting Improvements to ScanTracker reporting This new "quick view" hover tooltip feature allows admin users to drill down for additional information on a ScanTracker session by hovering over certain columns on the reporting page for additional information about visitors, walkons, pre-auth, and no shows; without the need for navigating to another report.
UI/UX Improvements Activities interface changes For events with registered activities the alert which appears when navigating away from the page - which is intended to track 'decline all activities' - can now be made optional so that it is not displayed.
UI/UX Improvements Meeting Requests required rating fields configuration In the past, in order to "force-show" the dialog after clicking 'Request' on the Meeting Request page the event would need to have a mandatory 'rating' field in order to prevent a 'one-click request'. This new feature adds new control for event hosts who want to show the dialog box and rating fields but not make any fields mandatory in order to submit.
MeetMax CheckIn Quicker "guest of" badge printing A new feature which allows MeetMax CheckIn "host" users, who are checking in event attendees on site, to more quickly and easily filter to the 'guests' of another user; in order to improve checkin speed and efficiency.
UI/UX Improvements Hiding time slots from end users This is a new feature which allows an admin user to hide specific time slots from end users. An example of this might be a time slot you've added after the standard business day to accommodate specific dinner meetings, but do not wish to offer to other users as a meeting time..
Data Processing Importing Client Rep user accounts This new feature allows event administrators to import lists of Client Rep (admin) accounts into the software. Historically these would have needed to be added one-by-one so this should save a lot of time for initial client account setups as well as for those of you making big updates to existing admin account lists.
UI/UX Improvements Grid Report Improvements For those who are using the "conference at a glance/grid report" as an onsite tool, with columns which extend beyond the width of the screen, this new feature will allow you to freeze the left column so that it remains visible even as you scroll right to reveal the additional columns.
Reporting Search the Attendee List by Meeting Time Slot A frequent question that event admins are attempting to answer with reporting is: "Who has meetings at this time?". This new feature allows you to filter the Attendee List interface as an admin role in order to query for attendees with meetings in a specific time slot or multiple time slots.
Support Resources Submitting Support Requests from MeetMax When you click the 'Help & Support' icon in the upper right-hand corner of the administrator interface, you will now see an option to submit a ticket from right within the software (rather than needing to dig up the support email address). Additionally, we've incorporated the ability to submit a ticket when you arrive at a page with an application error.
Meetings Improvements to Unmoderated Group Meeting Creation We've slightly rearranged the meeting request dialog box in events with un-moderated meeting scheduling between end-users to make it easier to manage time conflicts for those who are making meetings with more than one other attendee.
Registration Introducing Credits for Payments Events In certain scenarios, such as giving a package discount rate to a specific company, it is desirable to allow the administrator to apply a "credit" to an invoice balance which is separate and distinct from a "discount code" usage.

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