Release Notes 37.0

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UI/UX Improvements Unified Fully Responsive End-User UI Historically, we have maintained several different platform interfaces that have evolved organically over our 15+ years developing the software. For our latest release we are very excited to announce the unification of our end-user interfaces into a single, mobile-friendly UI. This means we will be retiring some of our older, non-mobile-friendly public site templates and some of your custom CSS may need to be updated to reflect the new UI. Please contact support for assistance or questions about these updates.
MeetMax Mobile Multi-Event MeetMax Mobile™ App In an effort to simplify end-user access and streamline the mobile app setup process, we've introduced a new multi-event version of our mobile app. Your end-users will be able to access any of your past or current/future events via a single mobile app (unless you indicate that an event should not be shown).
MeetMax Mobile Push Notifications for Meeting Changes This new feature allows event administrators to enable functionality which will convert all inbox messages that would otherwise be delivered via email to also be delivered via push notification. While that will include new meeting request notifications and user-to-user messaging, perhaps more significantly the changes you make to existing meetings (editing, canceling) will now also generate a push notification when you set the "Send Email" drop-down to "Yes" in the dialog box.
MeetMax CheckIn Introducing Self Check-In for MeetMax CheckIn™ Badge Printing We've expanded the functionality of MeetMax CheckIn(tm) to include a new "self check-in" feature. Event attendees can either enter their credentials (e.g. -- email, last) or scan a QR code to check in and print their own event badge. This allows for greater capacity and shorter lines in onsite checkin process.
3rd Party Integrations Introducing Marketo™ Integration MeetMax now offers integration with Marketo - the leading email and online marketing platform. Users of Marketo can now associate MeetMax with their Marketo account, to create new leads, import existing leads as invitees, and mark the status of leads in Marketo according to whether they have registered or not.
3rd Party Integrations Introducing Passkey™ Integration MeetMax now provides for integraiton with hotel blocks run on the Passkey platform. The MeetMax hotel function redirects attendees for any block associated with Passkey where they can book their room. What the integration provides is to speed the hotel booking process for attendees, by carrying the Attendee details into their Passkey reservation, and also passing their booking details back to MeetMax. This lets MeetMax have a record of all the Passkey hotel booking and the filter for "with hotel" to include attendees booking on Passkey.
Floor Plans New Authoring Tools New feature functionality in our floor plan authoring tool will allow admin users to create circular floor plan objects, in addition to the rectangular ones you've always been able to create. Additionally, you will be able to add new text and shape objects to accompany the booth/table elements in the floor plan - and rotate the booth/table elements as well.
3rd Party Integrations Salesforce™ Integration Improvements When selecting a campaign to associate with your MeetMax event, the list of campaigns offered will now be constricted to only those events which are in the future.
Bulk Emailing Cancel Previously Scheduled Batch This new feature lets you cancel a batch email that was previously scheduled to go out at a specific time in the future.
Groups Mode Improved Inbox Management In our newer "Groups Mode" configuration we were finding that there was confusion related to managing messages in your personal inbox vs. your organization's inbox. This new feature shows the company-level messages in the user-level inbox to simplify and streamline message/thread management.
Meetings Requesting Colleagues In the past, the software has omitted a person's "colleagues" - who share their company name - from the Meeting Request interface, as a means of reducing clutter in the list. However, as more and more companies are using our software for "internal" meetings where they are scheduling lots of meetings between colleagues we've now implemented an event-wide, optional configuration which allows for colleagues to be treated just like any other attendees in the meeting request interface/process.
Meetings Colleagues in Request Fill Automation Historically, our automation algorithm has automatically intuited that if you and your colleague have a request to meet the same company - the system should put you both into the same meeting. However, we've encountered a number of new event types (especially in the Hosted Buyer sphere) which actually prefer that two separate meetings be created from these two requests. This new feature allows you to optionally adjust the algorithm to achieve this different outcome.
Meetings Improved Control for Auto-Allocated Meeting Locations Updates to the auto-allocation algorithm now mean that event administrators can prioritize the use of open meeting locations (tables) over reserved meeting locations (booths) -- or vice versa -- by using the "Priority" feature while importing or adding/editing meeting locations.
Meetings Bulk Updates to Meeting Locations Sometimes you make a mistake, or new information comes to light, which may require you to make updates to all - or large portions - of your meeting locations. Historically, you would have had to make these edits on an individualized basis. This new feature allows for the bulk updating of specific meeting location attributes.
MeetMax Mobile Company Account-Level Login By popular demand, we've added the ability for company contacts to log in to their company's account-level login. Previously this was restricted only to company reps logging in directly to their own attendee profiles.
MeetMax Mobile Formal Twitter Feed Integration While we have always been able to implement custom Twitter widgets using embedded HTML from Twitter, this new feature allows event administrators to create their own Twitter widgets within the MeetMax admin interface and embed them on custom pages.
Messaging Unread Message Indicator We've enhanced our in-application messaging with a new Unread Message indicator that includes a short-cut link which goes directly to the inbox.
Messaging Upgrades to A2A Messaging Historically, the ability to message other event participants has been tied to the ability to make requests of them. However, as more and more clients see A2A messaging as an expanded networking opportunity outside the standard meetings program - we have introduced a new feature that allows event organizers to have A2A messaging indepdendent of the meeting requests process/interface.
Presentations Adding Categorization to Presentation Schedule Most event organizers have encountered this problem before: you have a big presentation schedule/agenda for your event and, once populated, it begins to look "busy" and difficult to digest. This new feature addresses that challenge by incorporating a new attribute called "Category" for your presentations and incorporates both color-coding as well as the ability to filter on the presentation schedule within those categories.
Registration with Payments Extended Currency Support for Select Payment Processors For those currently supported payment processors who allow for additional currencies beyond $(USD) we have incorporated additional functionality which will allow an event adminsitrator to select which currency they would like to process transactions in. This will configure both the displayed output to show the selected currency, as well as ensure that the payment is processed in that currency into your account.
Registration with Payments Additional Controls for "Pay Later" Option We've exposed the "Pay Later" option on the front-end of the administrator login, and created a new "Threshold" attribute. Those registrants with an invoice above the threshold (e.g. -- sponsors) will be given the option to pay later. Those under the threshold will still only be offered the option to pay by credit card, and no option to pay later. In either scenario the registrant will not be able to proceed to post-payment steps until they have either paid (by credit card) or been marked as paid (by check or wire outside the system) by an event administrator.
Registration with Payments Tying Role to Registration Type In some events, the relationship between "Role" and "Registration Type" (invoice amount) is "one-to-one". Historically, in order to enforce this relationship we've needed to author custom script to funnel users down a particular pathway. This new feature allows event administrators to associate a Registration Type to specific Role(s) in the event.
UI/UX Improvements Meeting Requests Interface Filtering Configuration We've introduced a new UI for event administrators to have more refined control over which fields are available as filters on the Meeting Request interface.
UI/UX Improvements Adding Approval-related filters to Pending Lists This enhancement addresses a small oversight in payments events which also incorporate a two-step approval process for one or more roles. Specifically, we've included filters related to approval in the "unpaid" (pending) lists of companies/attendees.

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