Release Notes 36.0

Category Item Title Item Description
Activities Tracking a "No" Activity RSVP A long-standing request from several clients, we've incorporate the ability to track a "No" rsvp in the activities module.
Activities Activity Location on pick_activity.html This is a minor tweak but we've added the activity "location" column to the list/report located at Activities --> Attendees
Activities Activity Location on pick_activity.html This small upgrade displays the activitiy location on the activity selection interface, previously the location was only displayed on back-end reports and the attendee schedules.
API Service Upgraded API Diagnostic Logs Improved back-end reporting for Technical Support staff in assisting clients with diagnostic testing of API service usage.
API Service Implemented API Volume Constraints In our efforts to continually improve our quality of service in the production environment, we've implemented service call volume constraints as described in our API service documentation.
API Service Upgrades to presentations/attendee list service This upgrade implements the ability to include query parameters on API calls to presentations/attendee list for the "created_after" and "investor_id" fields.
Batch E-mailing Including Merged Fields in Batch E-Mails Another feature implemented "by popular demand", we've now included the ability to "merge" certain fields into the messages when sending a batch email by way of a simple drop-down field (no more asking Technical Support for some nerdy syntax to plug in).
Batch E-mailing Entity (Company) Batch E-mailing A frequent question asked of our clients by registered companies is "did my colleague get this email?". To help remedy this we've incorporated an enhancement which will have all e-mail communications sent to companies take place on the same thread, so all recipients will know who else received the email.
Company List Filtering Upgraded Company List Filtering We've added new filtering on the Company List interface to identify those companies who have a reserved location associated with them, as well as those who do not yet have a reserved location.
Company List Filtering Company Uploads List Filtering We've incorporated pagination and filtering on the list of Uploads under the Companies menu tab.
Company Registration Sort order of Company Contacts A new feature which allows event administrators to establish and maintain a specific ordering to the company contacts.
Floor Plan: Profiles Company Profiles on Floor Plans This new feature introduces the pop-up profiles which you've seen on the meeting request interface onto both the "view" and "reserve" versions of the floor plan. This means that event attendees can easily see the profile of companies who have a reserved floor location, and companies can see which other firms are in the vicinity when making their own floor selection.
Floor Plan: Autoring Tools New Floor Plan Authoring Tools Several releases ago we introduced dynamic floor plans which could be built with the assistance of Technical Support staff, and in our latest release we are very excited to introduce new, user-friendly self-authoring tools for developing powerful, rich floor plans for your events.
Groups Mode: Registration Optional Configuration to Preserve Entity Login For event hosts running "Groups Mode" events we've implemented the ability for an event-wide setting to be establsihed where the act of registering a company in the system can be toggled to not automatically register the first company rep (which is the inverse of the default behavior). This effectively allows you to maintain both a "company-level" login as well as separate "attendee-level" login while still having the other meeting-related benefits of a Groups Mode event.
Groups Mode: Scheduling Entity-side Scheduling in Groups Mode In a Groups Mode event, the Meeting Times tab - previously only availabe via the company rep perspective - is now avaialable at the company level to allow event administrators to accept, create, cancel and modify meetings on behalf of the entity and its reps in one place.
Groups Mode: Scheduling Multiple Diaries on Meeting Schedules In a Groups Mode event, when a company has multiple schedule diaries whose meetings are taking place at separate meeting locations (booths, tables, etc.) the schedule output will now display those meetings in alpha order by meeting location name.
Meeting Feedback Extended Meeting Feedback Feature By popular demand, we've expanded the functionality of our Meeting Feedback feature. When first released, this feature included the ability for end-users to indicate meeting no-shows and provide a 1- through 5-star rating feedback for the meetings they attended. This new enhancement provides for the ability to incorporate a full-feature survey with all of the usual form fields you would find on a MeetMax registration/feedback form.
Meeting Locations Conflict Management for Meeting Locations While on the Meeting Times tab for a company or attendee the system has traditionally prevented you from assigning an "in-use" meeting location to a meeting. We've added the ability to override the fact that the meeting location is in use and assign it anyhow (effectively unassigning the location from the original meeting and assigning it to the new one).
MeetMax CheckIn New MeetMax CheckIn Alerts Feature For clients using our MeetMax CheckIn product, this new feature allows you to send email alerts to specified contacts when a particular person or role checks in. This is especially helpful for tracking arrival of VIPs or top-tier attendees on site.
Presentations Presentation Profiles Another long-standing request from clients has been to incorporate pop-up profiles for Presentations in the system (similar to what already exists for Activities). We've done just that, and provided a WYSIWYG editor so that event hosts can add rich HTML content to the presentation descriptions.
Registration & Payments Registration Options with Limited Availability For event hosts who have paid registration and are selling registration types which have a limited "stock" or availability (think: sponsorships) we have now introduced an enhancement which introduces this functionality into the software's Registration Options.
Registration & Payments Enhanced Company Rep/Guest Registration With this new feature the system allows the creation of role groups which have multiple "sub-roles". This means that companies, or attendees, can have multiple types of sub-role registrants (think: spouse vs. colleague).
Registration: Form Editor Form Editor Upgrades The form editor has been freshened up with some small UI upgrades as well as a "big" new feature which allows you to copy the settings from one "side" of the form to the other. This will literally cut in half the time it takes to build large forms because you won't have to retrace your steps on the Admin side of things anymore.
Registration: Form Rules Form Rule Upgrades This new enhancement implements an upgrade to the Form Rules feature that allows event hosts to set the value of a field based on conditions established by other field(s).
Registration: Invitations Updated Invitation Response Buttons While we will all miss the 1990's era image-based buttons in the default MeetMax invitation template, it seemed a good time to retire these and use a more contemporary CSS-based button which will display more consistently on most modern e-mail clients.
Registration: Invitations Support for Larger Invitee List Imports Historically it has been the case that very large lists impoted to the invitee module may "time out" during the processing of the import (thought it often would complete eventually behind the scenes). This system enhancement provides support for importing much larger .csv files and will ensure that you still get the import results report at the conclusion of the import.
Registration: Payments Improved Invoice Layout The invoice for events using payment processing has been reordered and updated to better display add-on items and sub-totals.
Registration: Payments Allow Companies to Delete Reps in a Payment Event Historically, it was not possible for company contacts to delete a company rep in an event which used payment processing. We've lifted this restriction so that companies can now do this.
Reporting: Attendee List New filtering for Is Company Admin We've incorporated a column and filter on the attendee list interface to identify those company reps who are marked as "Yes" for "Is Company Admin" (the "Company Coordinator" field).
Reporting: Attendee List Return of the Without Hotel Reservation Filter Several releases go we apparently dropped the "Without Hotel Reservation" filter on the Attendee List interface. This system enhancement returns that functionality for filtering the attendee list.
Reporting: Grid Report Conference-At-A-Glance "Grid" Report Upgrades We've incorporated several UI improvements in order to make the grid report a bit easier to read, and distinguish between company vs. attendee records.
Reporting: Grid Report Conference-At-A-Glance "Grid" Report Upgrades We've added the ability to filter the Grid report by meeting location.
Reporting: Meeting Locations New Meeting Locations Reservation Reporting For event hosts who are managing meeting locations which are being sold, such as exhibitor booths, we have introduced additional reporting to track the sale and reservation of meeting locations.
Reporting: Meeting Locations Meeting Location Availability Report Upgrade Many of our event hosts use the "edit time" feature to slightly alter the start- and/or end-time of certain meetings. While this functionality works quite well and displays correctly on the schedules, the meeting location availability report was not reflecting these edited meeting times. This has been updated to reflect edited meeting times.
Reporting: Meetings and Requests New Column for Meetings and Meeting Requests Lists We've added the group name ("grp_name") column to the Meetings and Meeting Request List interfaces.
Reporting: Payments Transactions List Upgrade The transaction list has been updated to provide a clickable link on the Transaction ID column which will take you back to the associated receipt for quick access and printing.
Reporting: Payments Added "Discount Code" Column to Attendee/Company List Interfaces As part of our upgrades related to discount codes, we've inlcuded the "Discount Code" as a filter on the attendee and company list interfaces so event hosts can query the list by discount code usage.
Reporting: Payments New Columns and Report Improvements for FORM Pricing Rules We've added a new column on the attendee/company list to track charges which were a result of pricing rules on the registration form, as well as incorporated this information to other financial reporting in the system.
Reporting: Payments Discount Code Reporting The software has had discount code functionality for events with payment processing for many years, this latest upgrade simply incorporates a new report for Discount Code usage, as well as adds the Discount Code as a column on the Transactions list interface.
Reporting: Pending Lists Pending List Upgrade We've incorporated the "Selected" filter onto the pending registrant and pending company list interfaces.
Reporting: Snapshots Snapshot Report Improvements We've incorporated a new UI for tracking meeting request changes over time in a helpful chart, as well as improved the UI for the registration chart and provided the ability to download the counts from the registration tracking chart.
Request Fill Automation New Sub-Filtering for Request Fill Automation This new feature allows event administrators who are using request fill automation to have more refined control over which requests get filled during a given automation run. Specifically, this new functionality allows you to filter the requests to be filled where the value(s) of a field on the source side of the requests matches the value(s) of that field on the target side, allowing more precise matches when filling meetings.
Salesforce Integration Upgraded Salesforce Integration Tools Building on the self-service model of our initial Salesforce integration, we've expanded on that functionality to provide a user interface for event hosts to configure field mapping between MeetMax and Salesforece from the front-end (previously only something that could be done by Technical Support staff on the back-end).
ScanTracker Invite-Only Events for ScanTracker Several months ago we released the ScanTracker app for event organizers to use in conjunction with MeetMax Badging to scan event attendees in to specific sessions. This enhancement now allows you to use the ScanTracker app for managing invite-only sessions where only a certain set of attendees is permitted to attend.
Scheduler Upgrades Improved Meeting Scheduler Notifications While on the Meeting Times tab for a given company you have the ability to edit and/or cancel meetings for that company. Currently you can decide to "Send Email" notification to meeting attendees, however we've improved upon this to allow for inclusion of the "tied" company reps in these email notifications. This is especially beneficial when these notifications are being used for communicating on-site changes to the company reps actually attending the event.

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