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Release 35.0

On September 30th, 2017, MeetMax puts into production a new release of its MeetMax online registration and event management system. This latest release includes a number of enhancements to existing features based on feedback from clients, as well as new features driven by client requests and market demands. We're especially excited to introduce our new MeetMax ScanTracker™ app.

Here's a quick summary of the new features and improvements included in the latest release:

  • Expanding On-Site Services with MeetMax ScanTracker™  
    • We've introduced a new mobile app-based utility for event hosts intended to allow for tracking participation at activities on-site. This new tool is intended to be used in conjunction with a hand-held scanner, or the mobile device's on-board camera, and the QR codes included on badges and/or confirmation emails sent to event attendees.
    • The app indicates what scan device, event id, session date/time, and location that the on-site staff are scanning people into. As attendees are scanned they are looked up in the system to confirm that they are indeed registered for that session.
    • A new module has been made available in the system which allows you to add ScanTracker™ functionality to your event. The new menu option in the top-navigation menu bar will give you the ability to add new sessions, though you can also use an existing Presentation or Activity in the system (and set it to "Yes" for "Is Scan Session").
    • The new feature includes robust reporting within the admin interface of the MeetMax web-based platform. As you make updates to the sessions you can then export these changes to the ScanTracker™ app right from within MeetMax. You can also use the admin interface to make modifications to the session visitor records after the fact to reflect changes that might have happened on-site.
    • Drop a line to sales@meetmax.com for a live demonstration at your convenience!
  • NEW Automation of Group Meeting Allocation
    For our long-time clients, this will be a familiar request that we've been hearing for a long time. This new release features the ability to indicate a time slot as a "Group" time slot for a specific company, which will be respected when running the request fill automation utility in the system.

    In the request fill automation tool you will see a new radio button which allows you to indicate whether the automation should fill group meetings and, if selected, will also allow you to indicate the maximum number of attendees to be included in each group meeting. Reach out to support@meetmax.com if you would like a demonstration or have questions.
  • NEW Support for Stripe payment processing  
    • You can now integrate with Stripe as a payment processor in MeetMax.
    • All of the same functionality as our other payment processors with a fast-growing "easy-up" payment processor.
    • Also provides an easier means of establishing which currency your event is using.
    • Drop a line to support@meetmax.com if you want to find out more or have questions about setup.
  • Improvements to MeetMax Check-In™  
    • Salesforce Integration: Historically, if somebody is checked as "Attending" in MeetMax then it will be communicated back to Salesforce for those clients using our Salesforce integration. We've expanded upon this functionality to make it interactive with our on-site badging/check-in utility. Attendees who are checked in using MeetMax Check-In™ will now be marked as "Attending" in Salesforce as well.
    • Kiosk Schedule Printing: Several clients have already started taking advantage of the new on-site service from MeetMax which allows event attendees to scan their badge and print their schedule at a self-service kiosk. With this latest enhancement we've improved this feature with new support for multiple printers connected to the badge scanner(s).
    • Walk-Ins: We've improved the user experience for on-site staff so that fields can be indicated as "Required" for walk-ins who need a badge, thus ensuring data integrity back inside of MeetMax. Additionally, the "Sales Rep" field can now be mapped over to the badging software and selected for on-site walk-ins.
  • NEW Formal Support for "Round Robin" Automation
    You may have heard this referred to as "Speed Dating" as well. The idea is that, for some events, you may want to have "all of one side meet with all of the other side" in a specific order that lets them "shift positions" to rotate around the room. Example – 50 buyers meet with 50 sellers at 50 locations across 50 time slots. Event hosts can now use the "Batch Meeting Pairs" feature, deployed in Release 34.0, to accomplish exactly this type of behavior without the need to manually schedule this type of sequencing in the system.
  • NEW Importing Invitees from Salesforce
    We've expanded our Salesforce integration with new functionality that allows you to import a list of invitees from Salesforce campaign. Previously, you could not use the Invitees module and Salesforce integration together in MeetMax, but now you get all the rich functionality of Salesforce integration along with the convenience of managing your invitation process inside MeetMax. Contact the Support Team to find out more!
  • NEW Drag-And-Drop on the Form Editor
    For long-time MeetMax event administrators with long forms, this new feature will be music to your ears. With this latest system upgrade you can now drag-and-drop fields to reorder them on the form editor. (You're welcome!)
  • NEW Client Custom Content
    The admin interface located at "Configure" --> "Site Design" --> "Messages" has been dramatically improved to allow for easier identification of messages with edited content. Additionally, you will see that custom message tags are able to be defined/described, and that more immediate insight is given to event administrators within the messages interface as to which tags are in use and what they are for. You will also see that adding a new page/email message has been streamlined as well. These improvements will make updating your site more user-friendly, and also help the Support Team work with you on more effectively documenting custom behavior.
  • IMPROVED Universal Activities
    A frequent request from MeetMax Power Users has been to make a "Universal" Activity in MeetMax display on all schedules, but only for a sub-set of all attendees/companies. For this system enhancement we've modified the functionality of the "Group Name" field so that it can be used as a delimiter for which attendees/companies see certain Universal Activities on their schedules.
  • IMPROVED Meetings List Filters
    Historically, the meetings list filter would return all "meetings" matching a query parameter. So, if you searched for meetings with a specific company name the filter would return all attendees from those meetings. Many clients requested that this filter be refined so that the query results on the meetings list only contain "meeting attendees" which match the query parameters. This is exactly what we've done for this improvement.
  • IMPROVED Registration Tracking Chart
    We've improved upon the dynamic registration chart feature, allowing for configuration of the chart type and the ability to filter by attendee types.
  • IMPROVED Preconfigured Reports
    In an effort to make it easier for clients to retrieve commonly requested reports, we've deployed several new "canned" reports under the "Reports" tab on the administrator interface.
  • IMPROVED Groups Mode
    We've implemented some improvement to the new Groups Mode configuration. Notably, we've deployed an enhancement where filtering on request-related attributes in the attendee list will return Company Reps whose parent Company record matches that condition.
  • IMPROVED Floor Plan
    For those events using a dynamic floor plan, we've added the hover tool-tip from the "Floor Plan View" page onto the "Reserve Booth" page. This will allow show exhibitors to have visibility into which booths other firms have selected on the show floor as they are making their own selection.
  • IMPROVED Presenting Filter
    By popular request, we've added a new filter to the Attendee List interface for identifying those Company Reps who have been marked as a "Presenter" for their company.
  • API Services Improvements
    We've made several API service improvements, including:
    • New support for querying the attendeerequest/ist service with the updated_date parameter so that you can limit the server responses to just "new" data.

As many of you are already aware of, the product development road-map for MeetMax is largely informed by feedback from clients and sales leads. We sincerely appreciate the time that many of you have taken over the years to share your comments and ideas with us. Keep them coming!

Please feel free to shoot us an e-mail at support@meetmax.com if you have any questions about these new features. Also, don't forget that support@meetmax.com is how you can generate new support requests via e-mail; or you can give us a call at +1 518 290 3050.

On behalf of the MeetMax Team and the entire TWST Family: Thank You for your continued business!

Dan Curtis
Director of Technical Services & Support

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