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Release 33.0

On April 22rd, 2017, MeetMax puts into production a new release of its MeetMax online registration and event management system. This latest release includes a number of enhancements to existing features based on feedback from clients, as well as new features driven by client requests and market demands. We're especially excited to introduce our new MeetMax Mobile® app.

Here's a quick summary of the new features and improvements included in the latest release:

  • Expanding MeetMax Mobile® with a Native Mobile App  
    • Building on our existing HTML5 web-based mobile solution, we're very proud to roll out our new native mobile app. Clients who purchase this new offering will have an event-specific app available for download in the app store on iOS-based (Apple) and Android-based devices. Rather than sending a link to the mobile site, users will be able to more simply download the app and add a permanent icon on their device for easy access.
    • In addition to all of the rich functionality and client-specific branding of our existing mobile offering, this app will allow for event-wide push notifications as well as maintaining a user login (reducing the frustration of having to log in each time the app is opened).
    • Over our next few releases we will be releasing new and expanded functionality which will leverage the unique functionality offered by a native app, including the ability to send targeted push notifications to event attendees.
    • Drop a line to sales@meetmax.com for a live demonstration at your convenience!
  • NEW Message Inbox in MeetMax Mobile®
    Expanding on our existing mobile solution, both the HTML5 responsive web-based app as well as the native app will feature the ability for attendees to access/manage their messaging inbox from their mobile device (previously only available on the desktop version).
  • Mobile Presentations List Configuration
    Expanded tools for MeetMax Support team to customize the Presentations List view within MeetMax Mobile®
  • Continued Development of MeetMax CheckIn® with QR Code Ticketing  
    • As our new CheckIn badging system continues to gain adoption by more clients, we are improving and refining this new product. Clients from several different sectors of events management are seeing dramatically improved attendee experiences as wait times at the registration desk are being reduced and waste is being reduced through on-demand badge printing.
    • Drop a line to sales@meetmax.com for a live demonstration at your convenience!
  • NEW Batch Meeting Pairs
    A frequent and growing request in the trade show marketplace, this new feature gives admin users the ability to automatically generate meeting pairs between attendees/companies based on demographic characteristics (e.g. – "I am interested in meeting sellers of cheese" attendees matched up with attendees/companies who are sellers of cheese). Ask your MeetMax Support team for more information, or navigate to "Meetings" → "Batch Meeting Pairs" and click the "Help" icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  • MeetMax.com Short-Links
    With the assistance of your MeetMax Support rep you can now have client-/event-specific short-links to public sites, mobile sites, registration and login pages, etc. (e.g. -- client.meetmax.com/event)
  • NEW Sub-Filtering Batch Request Fills
    In our continued efforts to improve and enhance the functionality of our batch request fill automation, we've introduced a new feature which allows you to further target the requests being worked on in order to achieve advanced prioritization and specificity in automating meeting creation.
  • NEW End-User Meeting Rating
    Allows end-users to give a rating of a meeting in MeetMax as well as indicate if somebody was a no-show, and tools for event administrators to generate reports based on this feedback within the system.
  • NEW Floor Plan Pricing
    For our trade show clients with Exhibitor Registration in MeetMax, this new feature provides formal support for controlling access to floor space selection based on pricing. (e.g. -- lower-priced packages can select the smaller tables, sponsors can select the bigger booths).
  • NEW Exhibitor Key Words
    A new feature which allows exhibitors to generate a list of keywords that event attendees can search on when in the meeting request interface or exhibitor lists.
  • NEW "Time Spreading" in Request Fill Automation
    This feature is an enhancement to our existing request fill automation feature which allows event administrators to optionally indicate a preference for how meetings are chronologcally filled. Historically the system would attempt to "bunch" meetings together to minimize the number of gaps between meetings. However, we've encountered many clients and leads who would instead would prefer to see automation fill requests in a way that spreads out meetings over the full span of an event.
  • NEW Filter for Companies and Attendees Lists
    By popular demand, we've implemented new filters on the Companies and Attendees lists which allows admin users to filter the list of companies or attendees by the days on which they have meetings and/or availability. (e.g. – filter the list of companies/attendees to all with meetings/availability on just day 2 of the event.)
  • NEW Batch Access Control with Client Rep Accounts
    Traditionally, in order to set the "Deny Access" field and disable a client rep account for a single event, you would need to manage this setting on an individual account basis – clicking "Edit" for each client rep account and then setting "Deny Access" to "Yes" and then moving on to the next record. This new feature allows admin users to select groups of client reps and perform batch actions to toggle the "Deny Access" setting for multiple accounts at the same time.
  • More Flexible Time Slot Creation
    Event administrators are no longer constricted to 5-minute time slot increments and instead can now generate time slots with a length of any one-minute increment.
  • Grid Report Configuration
    This new feature is meant to facilitate better outcomes when printing the "Conference at a Glance/Grid Report" in the system. Specifically, it will allow event administrators to configure which time slots are being displayed when you load up the report. This will allow you to break up the report in ways that result in more controlled outcomes when printing for on-site usage.
  • Recently Added Attendees Filter
    A new filter on the meeting request interface for end-users (or admins) to filter the list of request targets to identify records which were recently added to the system.
  • API Services Improvements
    We've made several API service improvements, including:
    • Support for using the API services over https:// for increased security.
    • Better handling of non-standard ASCII characters in API feed.
    • Inclusion of "Number of Activities" as a column being returned in the attendee/list service.

While our engineering team has been hard at work on all of the new and expanded features, the support team has been continuing our ongoing efforts at improving overall system usability with new and updated help messaging throughout the system.

Whenever you're on an admin-facing page and see a "Help" link in the upper right-hand corner, click on it to open up a new page with the full run-down of what the features are on that page and how they work. Send us a note if you have ideas or questions that you want to see answered!

Please feel free to shoot us an e-mail at support@meetmax.com if you have any questions about these new features. Also, don't forget that support@meetmax.com is how you can generate new support requests via e-mail; or you can give us a call at +1 518 290 3050.

On behalf of the MeetMax Team: Thank You for your continued business!

Dan Curtis
Director of Technical Services & Support

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