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Release 31.0

On October 15th, 2016, MeetMax puts into production a new release of its MeetMax online registration and event management system. This latest release includes a number of enhancements to existing features based on feedback from clients, as well as new features driven by client requests and market demands.

Here's a quick summary of the new features and improvements included in the latest release:

    Please note that we are now showing Admin users a simpler header above the navigation - not the bigger, richer one that end users see.  We are responding to requests to save screen real-estate and load pages faster for Admin users.   End users will see no change.   The simpler Admin version listing the event details, is designed to be used in conjunction wit the firm's logo.   Please contact MeetMax Support if you would like any assistance with updating the admin user header image.
  • Announcing MeetMax Badging!  
    • Reduces wait times while you quickly work through registration lines to check in and print badges for your attendees.   Works reliably even if you lose your internet connection on site.
    • Conveniently handles walk-in registrants – pushing new data back to MeetMax later while also printing their badge and checking them in right now.
    • Syncs your check-ins and walk-ins.
    • Custom badge designs can be developed for different attendee types.
    • Drop a line to sales@meetmax.com for a live demonstration at your convenience!
  • Calendar Integration
    A major enhancement to calendaring integration which allows MeetMax users to integrate their Schedule in MeetMax with their preferred calendar - and automatically record updates and changes. This new feature includes support for Outlook, Apple Calendar, iPhone, Android, and Google Calendar – as well as continued support for a basic iCal file import.
  • Transferability of Requests
    For events where it is enabled this new feature allows users from the same company to transfer meeting requests and meetings between one another. This action permits sending a notification to the original requestor as well as the colleague to whom the request is being transfered.
  • NEW for Trade Shows  Creation of an Exhibitor Directory outside of the Meeting Request interface allowing both logged-in users and the public to view the Exhibitor/Company list with filters and profiles; configurable within the application similarly to the Meeting Request interface.
  • NEW for Floor Plans  Ability to have multiple floor plans for an event as well as new functionality to "pan and zoom" a detailed floor plan.
  • NEW Bookmarking  New feature which allows users who are reviewing the Exhibitor/Companies list or the Meeting Request interface to "bookmark" people/companies whom they are interested in making a request to (without the need to actually make that request right now). Bookmarked lists can be set as a filter on the request interface for quick and easy submission of meeting requests after having reviewed the full list of request targets.
  • NEW Stats and Leads  Adds the ability for Exhibitors/Companies to review leads and stats based on views to their profile as well as who has "bookmarked" them.   Configurable to let Attendees opt out, and to configure what Companies see.
  • NEW C2C and A2A Filters  On the Meeting List interface (for administrators) the system now includes a filter to identify "C2C" (company to company) vs. A2A (attendee to attendee) vs. A2C (attendee to company) meetings in your event.
  • MeetMax Mobile  
    • Administrators can easily swap out the nav bar logo from within the MeetMax application.
    • Cleaner mobile profiles now open in a modern "modal" dialog instead of going to a new page.
    • Extended support for customization of "companies" and "attendees" pages.
  • NEW  Event administrators can easily set the event-wide time formatting configurations via the "Main Details" menu, allowing for either 12-hour or 24-hour time formats.
  • NEW  MeetMax Support team can now create supported .xls download lists of event attendees/company reps, based on custom reports, which can be consumed by end-user companies/attendees logged in to the application.
  • NEW  A new column on the Attendee and Company lists which indicates how a registrant was added to the system (e.g. -- by a specific administrator or having registered themselves).
  • NEW  Additional configuration options for the "Presentations" page on MeetMax public sites.
  • NEW  Event administrators can now decide whether to receive e-mail confirmations in a payments event prior to payment or after payment has happened (historically the only choice has been post-payment).
  • IMPROVED  Additional fields added to "Transactions" (Payor specifics) and "Presentations" (breakout room) lists within the administrator view of the application.
  • IMPROVED  Expansion of "Joinable Meeting" functionality (product demos) to allow for multiple pending requests into joinable meetings as well as improvements to how joinable group meetings are shown on schedules.
  • IMPROVED  Dramatic improvements to baseline schedule formatting when sent via MeetMax and received by somebody using the MS Outlook e-mail client.
  • IMPROVED  Sales Reps can now access a full, aggregated list of requests for their clients within the sales rep login (previously only available by reviewing the requests of each investor individually).
  • IMPROVED  Improvements to event-wide "fill requests" automation for events with large-scale automation processes to ensure optimal outcomes even when you have thousands of requests being filled.
  • IMPROVED  Significant improvements to the functioning of the form editor as well as new fields included for addition to the form.
  • IMPROVED  New fields added for meeting requests list (request updated date and sub-events).
  • IMPROVED  New configuration options for "Meeting Requests" e-mail attachment.
  • IMPROVED  New fields added for cancelled meetings download.
  • API Improvements  
    1. New event-wide "external reference ID" field which can store some piece of data for the event which can then be accessed via the events/list API service.

Please feel free to shoot us an e-mail at support@meetmax.com if you have any questions about these new features. Also, don't forget that support@meetmax.com is how you can generate new support requests via e-mail; or you can give us a call at +1 518 290 3050.

On behalf of the MeetMax Team: Thank You for your continued business!

Dan Curtis
Director of Technical Services & Support

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