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Release 30.0

On July 16th, 2016, MeetMax puts into production a new release of its MeetMax online registration and event management system. This latest release includes a number of enhancements to existing features based on feedback from clients, as well as new features driven by client requests and market demands.

Here's a quick summary of the new features and improvements included in the latest release:

    By popular demand, we've implemented a new report which will feature a count of meeting attendees in any given meeting. To access this report, you can navigate to "Reports" and select "Room Reports". Click the link which says "Room/meeting spreadsheet with attendee count". This can be further configured on the Meeting List page, ask the Support Team for help if you would like to know more!
    With our latest release, any "Custom Page" in MeetMax can be used as a batch e-mail "Attachment" to facilitate easier deployment of custom batch e-mails out of the system.
  • MeetMax Mobile  New optional setting for event administrators which will ensure that end-users visiting a MeetMax registration page on a mobile device will automatically be directed to MeetMax Mobile.
  • NEW & IMPROVED  Meeting locations can now be categorized into different types in order to give our event administrators more control over how they are allocated.
  • NEW  End-users (Companies or Attendees) can now be given the ability to self-select a meeting location when making meeting requests.
  • NEW & IMPROVED  Creation of a formal "decline" process to compliment the "approval" step in events which require attendees to be approved following registration.
  • NEW  Implementation of a "type-ahead" search on the "Contact Name" (Sales Rep) drop-down to make it easier for attendees registering to quickly find their sales rep in a long list.
  • NEW  Primary Administrators can now share their custom reports on the Company/Attendee Lists with other event administrators, reducing the need to recreate custom reports under different administrator accounts.
  • NEW  Additional filtering added on the Company/Attendee List pages to create a list based on specific requests or meetings that the company/attendee has. (Example: A scenario where you would like to send a batch e-mail to a list of attendees who requested a company, but did not get scheduled initially).
  • NEW  Added the ability to batch e-mail "Group Schedules" from the Company List.
  • IMPROVED  Various enhancements to the schedule settings which can be established by event admins.
  • IMPROVED  Custom pages can now be copied from event to event and also be more easily configured from the in-application menu editor interface.
  • IMPROVED  Enhancements to the "Maximum Meetings" field to improve functionality.
  • IMPROVED  All company contacts, as well as e-mail addresses assigned to the secondary e-mail address for attendees, will now be copied on auto-generated registration confirmation e-mails.
  • IMPROVED  (Sales Rep Accounts) Included the "Switch Attendee" drop-down on pages (e.g. - "Your Schedule") to more easily switch between clients when viewing contact information, schedules, etc.
  • IMPROVED  "Contact Name" (Sales Rep) can now be used as a filter on the "Meeting Requests" page.
  • IMPROVED  "Is Presenting" can now be used as a filter on the Attendee List page.
  • IMPROVED  "MISC" meetings now included in the meeting list download report.
  • IMPROVED  "Number of Requests" counter added back in on the "Meeting Requests" page, which indicates the total number of requests in the current query.
  • IMPROVED  New drop-down on the Invitee List to easily manage the response status of your invitees ("accepted" vs. "declined").
  • IMPROVED  Deployment of more print controls for the batch print versions of "Institutional" or "Group" schedules.
  • IMPROVED  More flexible reporting features on the Hotel Reservations and Presentations List pages (adding and reordering columns, saving custom reports).
  • API Improvements  
    1. Improvements to the Presentations List service, including the ability to retrieve all presentation preferences indicated by attendees.
    2. Addition of new API service to access Company Contacts data.

Please feel free to shoot us an e-mail at support@meetmax.com if you have any questions about these new features. Also, don't forget that support@meetmax.com is how you can generate new support requests via e-mail; or you can give us a call at +1 518 290 3050.

On behalf of the MeetMax Team: Thank You for your continued business!

Dan Curtis
Director of Technical Services & Support

MeetMax Conference Software

P.S. – Our Business Development Team has rolled out a new marketing site for MeetMax Conference Software. Check it out at www.meetmax.com and let us know what you think!.

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