Release 26.0

On July 13, 2015, The Wall Street Transcript put into production a new release of its MeetMax online registration and event management system. This latest release completes the migration of our software to a new, more flexible and powerful architecture.

You will notice that your expired events on the old platform no longer appear under the "Expired Events" list. These events will be available at and ultimately archived according to our standard timeline for archiving old events. (Your username and password will be the same as the one you're using currently.)

Here's a quick summary of the new features included in the latest release of MeetMax:

  • Improved functionality surrounding rescheduling of existing meetings/attendees.
  • Improved request ranking functionality, now with the ability to drag-and-drop requests to rank them numerically.
  • Improved picture/logo upload functionality.
  • Improved meeting request reporting.
  • Further improvements to the in-application schedule formatting options introduced in Release 25.0.
  • Added a new "cancel" link on the Pending Registrants list to more easily delete unwanted pending registrants in a paid of "approval" event.
  • Re-established and improved ability to filter by "edited" messages, to make it easier for returning clients to quickly scan the messages they need to update in order to get their events up and running most efficiently.
  • NEW Message inbox to store, manage, and generate in-application messages between attendees.
  • NEW Completeley revamped MeetMax Mobile web-based application, now including the ability to make requests from mobile devices.
  • NEW Ability to establish unlimited "flat content" pages within the user interface.
  • NEW Request automation now includes ability to fill only those requests which have been accepted by the request target.
  • NEW Ability for company users to individually allocate their company representatives into meetings.
  • NEW Feature to allow meeting schedules to be shown, printed, and e-mailed by day.
  • NEW Feature to formally support for an "anonymous" two-way request process.
  • NEW Ability to "undo" or delete a recently imported list.
  • NEW API service to read attendee availability.
  • NEW API service to read the meetings list.

Additionally, most all of you have seen that we recently started using HappyFox - a support ticket management system - to more effectively track and handle all inbound support requests. If you have any questions, please contact us at

In just the first few months this has helped us reduce the time-to-resolution for your requests significantly and also helps to give us feedback on what our development priorities ought to be in order to deliver software that serves you better.

Dan Curtis
Director of Technical Services & Support

MeetMax Conference Software